Zak Knight Says Injury Could Be End Of Paige

WWE superstar Paige’s brother Zak Knight was recently interviewed by Aaron Evans of The Memorabilia Guy. They covered a wide range of subjects including the upcoming family biopic, the Rock, and more.

One subsject that came up was Paige and her injury, you can check out his thoughts below and the entire interview at this link.

“At 15, (Paige) had travelled to 26 different countries, flying on her own. We always knew she was going to be a star. And to be honest, whether it’s biased or not, I believe she was the star of the women’s revolution. They brought Becky Lynch and Charlotte in and become PCB and Saraya (Paige) was at the front of that. She gave these girls some of the best matches they’ve ever had.

She watered herself down and became a bump-monkey for these girls, hence the injuries she’s carrying at the moment.

Obviously, to start with, the family was unsure about what was going on between Paige and Alberto. Everyone can blame Alberto for what’s happening at the moment but she’s a 24-year-old girl that made fame at 18 and she’s got a horrific injury and we don’t know what’s going to happen next. This could be the end of Paige or it could be the big fight-back story.”

William B. West

William B. West

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