Young Bucks Criticize Josh Barnett, Talk About Going To WWE

Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling stars The Young Bucks were recently guests on AfterBuzz TV’s XPac 12360.

They talked about several topics including their apparent heat with NJPW commentator Josh Barnett, and the possibility of them ever going to WWE.

You can check out highlights below as well as the full interview:

On Josh Barnett:

Matt Jackson: “I feel like he should be doing his job instead of trying to get whatever he wants over for himself. He has a certain style he likes and it comes across so much like obviously, Josh doesn’t like this style.”

Nick Jackson: “Announcers are not supposed to get themselves over. You’re supposed to get the product over.”

On ever signing with WWE:

Matt Jackson: “Our names are always floating up according to our buddies. If you asked me right now no, why do I even need to go there at this point, in a year in a half from now the landscape may change. We may have to go somewhere different, do something different to get hot again. I’ll never ever say never.”

The Young Bucks join X-Pac and his crew for a brand new episode of X-Pac 12360!

The Young Bucks talk about their exclusive T-Shirt at Hot Topic, NJPW this past weekend and so much more!

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