Velvet Sky Retires From Pro Wrestling

Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky is retiring from pro wrestling.

Sky was recently interviewed by and revealed she was leaving to return to college, “Wrestling has a shelf life. College doesn’t. You can be 50 years old and go to college for your degree. You can’t be 50 years old and train to be a pro wrestler.

I had a really satisfying 15-year wrestling career, so I went back to school because I got to live out my wrestling dream.”

William B. West

William B. West

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  • Good. She was never anything without Angelina Love. And, now that Velvet isn’t playing the role of albatross, Love is soaring in her program with her husband. Plus, once Velvet started believing her own hype she became a liability in the ring. Her moves became sloppy, her character became stale, and she grew a real animosity towards the fans – which is never good. So goodbye and good riddance.

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