Tommy Dreamer,”There Should Never Be Another Chair Shot to Anyone’s Head”

Former WWE superstar and ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer was recently interviewed by Live Audio Wrestling. Dreamer talked about various pro wrestling subjects including chair shots to the head:

“In ECW we used to (say), ‘hit me as hard as you can with a steel chair,’ and you did not put your hands up. In 2016 there should never be another chair shot to anyone’s head, on anyone’s level, because now we know more about concussions.”

You can check out the full interview below:

The LAW’s John Pollock sits down with House of Hardcore (HOH) founder and former ECW & WWE wrestler Tommy Dreamer in this exclusive interview discussing:

– Recent deaths of Balls Mahoney and Chyna
– Importance of honouring pro wrestlers through his House of Hardcore events
– Advice to younger talent entering the business
– His time working in WWE talent relations
– Reaction to Daniel Bryan’s retirement
– Thoughts on chair shots to the head and concussions in pro wrestling
– Working with injuries at an older age
– Thoughts on NXT and its comparisons to the 2006 ECW relaunch
– More

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