Sting Possibly Injured At Night Of Champions

Pro wrestling legend Sting was possibly seriously injured at WWE Night of Champions. WWE has released the following statement so far today:

Sting reportedly sustained an injury Sunday night during his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against champion Seth Rollins.

Check back with for more details and updates on Sting’s condition following Night of Champions.

Sting took a couple of nasty hits during the match, the first he appeared to strike his head against a monitor when he went through the Spanish Announcer table, and second he appeared to land awkwardly when Seth Rollins power bombed him into the turnbuckle. The WWE kept the cameras off of Sting for the most part when the match stopped and he was checked by the ringside medical team, which would lend credence to the belief of this being a legit injury vs an angle.

Many dirt sheets are speculating on the severity but as of this time the statement from WWE is the only official word on this.

William B. West

William B. West

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