Paige, & Family Unhappy With WWE UK Moves

WWE UK announced this past week that their UK Championship tour was coming to Epic Studios in Norwich. The wrestling promotion owned by WWE superstar Paige’s family happens to be running an event this weekend.

In an interview with BBC Radio it appears that the feeling amongst Paige’s family is the WWE UK announcement timing may have been done to undermine their ticket sales.

Ricky Knight (Paige’s father), “To me the timing is absolutely crap, and I think there’s a conspiracy somewhere.

The could’ve left it until Monday. They know we’re doing so well. They follow us religiously, it seems like they do. They would’ve known this is the biggest weekend in WAW history. To me they wanted to cut us open with the announcement this morning and putting their tickets sales on tonight. But tough guys, because this is going to be a sellout tonight anyway. Go and do your best.”

Zak Zodiac (Paige’s Brother), “It’s the same anywhere you go. Once you see someone doing well you want a bit of that pie.”

Paige also seemed to weigh in on the situation vaguely via her Twitter, referring to her parents promotion as “Real British wrestling”:

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