MeTV Looks At What They Love About The Wonder Woman Pilot

linda-carter-wonder-womanThe MeTV Network recently took a look at the Top 11 things they love about the Wonder Woman TV pilot.

Their top 5 are:

5. It used old dogfight footage.
When Steve Trevor battles the enemy ace in the sky, there is some vintage stock shots used, and we’re okay with that.

4. It had those cool comic-book-panel captions.
The comic book look carried through the entire show.

3. It took place during World War II.
This is also the reason the Captain America movie worked so well. These patriotic characters deserve some time in their original setting. The upcoming movie is rumored to take place during World War I.

2. Lynda Carter’s smile in the opening credits.
How could you not love her from the first glance?

1. The original comic book style opening.
We adore this animation that pays tribute to the character’s roots. That’s another shot from the sequence at the top. There are lots of nice nods to DC Comics in here.

You can check out their entire list at the link above.

What’s your top 5 favorite things? Comment below.

William B. West

William B. West

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