Mauro Ranallo Does Same Thing As JBL, Dirt Sheets Silent

Former WWE Smackdown announcer Mauro Ranallo has apparently took some shots at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon via Twitter and during a broadcast.

Vince McMahon is known for preferring the terms “Sports Entertainment” over the terms “Pro Wrestling” in describing his product.

During this weekend’s Rizin MMA event Ranallo said on the air as former pro wrestler Jazzy Gabert! approached the ring,“Professional wrestler – and boy does it feel good to be able to use that term again – turned mixed martial artist, the Alpha Female Jazzy Gabert!”

In another apparent shot at Vince McMahon’s preference, Ranallo Tweeted, “Join me for #BertoPorter Saturday on @ShowtimeBoxing & you best believe I’ll be calling PRO WRESTLING again too.?”

JBL has been taken to task by the biggest dirt sheet on the web and his followers for taking a dig at Ranallo on Twitter, and for making an in character comment about Ranallo on a WWE Network show.

So far there has been silence from the dirt sheet about Ranallo bullying a 71 year old man (McMahon) on Twitter, and during a live broadcast.

William B. West

William B. West

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  • Felix

    Garbage click-bait. 0 integrity.

    • What does that even mean?

      • aj2345

        It means this story is reaching big time. Because he got bullied out of his job that doesn’t mean he allowed to have an opinion or greviances?

        • JBL didn’t do anything worse than Mauro. Mauro is making light of Vince’s take on the product. Imagine if JBL made a comment on TV about Mauro saying Mama Mia, and then saying something on Twitter. The internet would melt.

          • aj2345

            Again, you’re reaching.

          • I would say the bigger reach is to call someone a bully for asking someone to arrive for a show before a snowstorm like the entire rest of the crew. It sounds like Mauro feels entitled.

          • Felix

            This is sad. I’m out.

  • A.K

    Still trying to find where Mauro “bullied” someone. I guess you need to be a major snowflake to find something as harmless as this more offensive compared to actual ribbing going on backstage.

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