Mandy Leon Talks Growth For Women Of Honor

Ring of Honor star Mandy Leon recently spoke with Channel Guide Magazine.

Leon talked about her career before wrestling, her female wrestling idols, and more. MAndy also talked about Ring of Honor’s Women Of Honor Division and it’s growth. You can check out those comments below and the entire interview at this link.

“Women of Honor is a prime example of that. Where we are today and the women’s roster has grown to be what it is because everything we have right now is through social media. We don’t get a lot of actual TV time yet, so YouTube is important. We are promoting the girls’ promo shots, merchandise and meet-and-greets on Twitter. It’s grown to more than 14,000 Twitter followers in a little under a year. We have millions of views on YouTube.

Pay-Per-View is priority, and right now, we don’t have enough TV time. The priority is to get the men’s stories over. We are lucky enough to have Women in Honor episodes air on TV every few months. We are filming another one that will be airing on July 29. For the Pay-Per-View events specifically, for me, I was just appreciative having the pre-show match. We haven’t had a Pay-Per-View opportunity. We haven’t been built up. I think for me on the business end it doesn’t make sense to air a Women of Honor on Pay-Per-View when there is no story behind it or a championship belt or a tournament that can keep the fans invested. It’s then a match without purpose.

I feel right now through YouTube we are building these characters and building this brand up to where Ring of Honor will dedicate the time and invest more into the women, which I’m pretty sure we will be doing into 2018. Hopefully, we can introduce a tournament and a championship belt. I think that’s kind of the big debut. That will be the big bang for the Women of Honor. So I think the pace it has been going is great. In a short time, we’ve gone pretty far. We have the top views on YouTube compared to the men in a lot of cases. Fan interaction with people wanting a belt. I know we are going to get there. It’s a matter of time and building up the girls.”

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