Lucha Underground Producer Claims WWE Tries To Wipe Out Competition

Lucha Underground executive producer Chris DeJoseph recently made claims that WWE actively tries to wipe out it’s pro wrestling competition.

DeJoseph (formerly WWE’s Big Dick Johnson and former WWE writer) was recently on the Wrestling Mayhem Show talking about Season 2 of Lucha Underground when the subject of WWE signing away talent came up. DeJoseph says of the WWE, “They (WWE) basically tried to sign our entire roster, and pretty much tried to shut us down. I think that’s what they (WWE) want to do – just take everybody, sign them into NXT and then wipe out companies. I know they tried to do it with TNA, and I’m sure Ring Of Honor too. It makes sense. They pay someone $750/week, put them into developmental and in the meantime, they try to take away a company’s roster. And they can just leave those guys down in NXT.”

This echos claims recently made by TNA’s Dixie Carter. You can check out the entire interview below:

What do you think, are the claims valid, or sour grapes? Comment below.

William B. West

William B. West

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