HHH, Sapolsky Comment On NXT, Evolve Relationship

WWE executive HHH recently coented on the relationship between WWE’s NXT and WWN’s Evolve during his NXT Takeover conference call Monday:

“As far as EVOLVE and Gabe as kind of a feeder system, yeah. I look at all of that as feeder system. I love what Gabe does. I love what EVOLVE does. I think that they are one of the sounder promotions as far as how they handle their talent, as far as how they tell their stories, and as far as how they handle their in-ring product.

I do see them as a feeder system. I support them. I supported their shows. A lot of our talent has come through there over the years and they’ve learned a lot from there. Everybody speaks highly of them, speaks highly of Gabe in that process and that’s important to me, as well. It’s the quality of the people.

Yeah, do I support them? Do I see them as a feeder for us? If I had somebody that I didn’t have room here for at the PC or I wanted to give them some further training out there before I had a space for them here, would I send them to Gabe? Absolutely.

I think they are a very important part of the business, and I know it’s a struggle out there, to keep things rolling, to keep things kinda alive if you are a small promotion, and some of the other, if this makes sense, bigger small promotions are making that more difficult sometimes, for the smaller promotions, so, you know, I support them in anyway I can. If I can help them out, I love to and, you know, promote their events. I think having that healthy independent undercurrent to the business is vitally important and I don’t want to see that go away.”

Evolve and WWN commented on HHH’s remarks in an email today:

“First, everyone in the WWN Family wants to thank Triple H for his comments. We are humbled and appreciative. This support is unprecedented. We are proud to be part of the independent undercurrent and will enthusiastically continue to promote and present today’s new stars. It continues on October 17th in Queens, NY and October 18th in Long Island, NY with two EVOLVE live iPPVs at WWNLive.com. These shows are especially interesting after Triple H’s comments because we feature several new and rising talents to go along with our regular, standout stars. It is obvious that the progressive NXT brand is offering more opportunities and exposure to independent wrestlers than anytime in history.”

William B. West

William B. West

William B. West has been an internet journalist since 1998. William is editor of WBWTV.com, admin of WrestleFix.com, as well as writer & editor in chief of PowYeah.com, Rokuki.com, and NetFXD.com.

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