Grand Slam Wrestling “Civil War” 5/13 Old Forge, PA

Grand Slam Wrestling “Civil War” SATURDAY, May 13

THIS Saturday, May 13, Grand Slam Wrestling heads to a “Civil War” at the GSW Arena, 1 Maxson Drive in Old Forge, PA, starting at 7 pm, airing LIVE on!

A 5-on-5 STEEL CAGE will end the rivalry of the United Stamper Alliance and the GSW championship committee. Either General Manager and #PresidentOfWrestling Phil Stamper retains full control of GSW or it falls into the hands of the championship committee.

All titles are on the line:
– TEAM GSW: GSW Heavyweight champion Mike Vaugh, GSW Adrenaline champion Brute Van Slyke, Stevie Sheilds, and The Ca$h Ma$ter$ – Clay Drasher and Shawn Andrews) vs. TEAM USA: Kevin “The Man” Graham, Sean Silence, HWA/GSW Cruiserweight champion Trajan Horn, and GSW Tag champions The Impeccables – Kit Raff and Keita Murray)

Hear from The United Stamper Alliance starting the latest episode of Cybernetic :

Also, including:
– Bo Nekoda vs. Gran Akuma
– Mike Skyros vs. Kevin Cartwright
– Commander Ephex vs. Shane Malice
– All this and more!

Watch the commercial at

Tickets $10 (Kids under 12 are free). Show support on Facebook at

Courtesy: Phil Stamper

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