Ghostbusters Remake Most Disliked Trailer Ever

Besides being universally panned, it looks like the new Ghostbusters remake has also achieved the status of most disliked movie trailer ever on YouTube.

Screen Crush first reported this milestone To help put the total dislike for this trailer in perspective, the much maligned Fantastic Four remake movie had only 20,175 dislikes and as of this writing Ghostbusters has over 550k dislikes.

Now the SC article cited above would have you believe it’s an anti-female wave causing it, even though the majority of comments focus on the actual crappiness of the trailer and the lack of a need to reboot a classic. If Sony wanted to extend the franchise it should have went the route of Star Wars and grew the franchise out, rather than a total retelling. The latest Star Wars has a female lead as the focus and it isn’t being panned, disproving the Screen Crush victimization piece.

You can check out the trailer below, leave you thoughts in the comment section:

William B. West

William B. West

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