Cryme Tyme’s JTG Talks Being Reprimanded By John Cena

Former WWE superstar and Cryme Tyme tag team member JTG recently sat down with Hannibal TV.

JTG talked about the incident that led to Ctyme Tyme’s WWE release, including being reprimanded by John Cena, “Our agent, Barry Windham, called Shad, he didn’t want to speak to me because it wasn’t me that had a problem, so he called Shad to the back and yelled at him in the locker room. He called Shad into the room, yelled at him, then when Shad got out, and he got done getting yelled at by Barry Windham the agent, John Cena let him have it. John Cena let us both have it. And then on the way back, John Laurinaitis called us, let us have it, and the next day we got released at Raw.”

JTG on Cryme Tyme’s backstage “Heat” in WWE

Former WWE Superstar and member of the “Cryme Tyme” tag team JTG discusses the backstage heat he and his partner Shad had in WWE that peaked after an incident with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch that led to dressing room reprimand from John Cena and the teams first release from World Wrestling Entertainment.

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