Cody Rhodes, “I Own Rhodes”

Former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes made an interesting post on Twitter this afternoon. Rhodes posted the following with little explanation:

There have been reports circulating on the internet that WWE has sent out a flurry of cease and desist orders to Indy promotions and wrestling fanfests ordering them to stop using WWE stock photography of former superstars as well as TM names, basically any intellectual property owned by WWE. Many are speculating Rhodes is at the very least responding to those reports, or maybe even specifically to a cease order a promotion may have received in regards to his name.

Rhodes legal name is Runnels so he could have an uphill battle if the WWE is indeed trying to stop him from using the Rhodes name if WWE claims they created the Cody Rhodes character. Again this is all speculation, but interesting none the less.

William B. West

William B. West

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