Charlton Comics: The Movie Crowd Funding Launched

The crowd funding project for Charlton Comics: The Movie has launched, you can check it out at this link.

From the page:

It’s been called the 3 legged dog of comics, and the scrappy, street-fighting cousin of Marvel and DC and even hailed as the comic book equivalent of Roger Corman and American International Pictures. Maybe you’ve heard of it? …probably not.

But, you do know the industry legends that called it home. This is Charlton Comics.

Charlton employed guys like Steve Ditko and Dick Giordano. Ditko went on to co-create Spider-Man. Giordano, a Charlton editor, became a legend as an executive at DC comics. But that’s just a taste of the list. A few other names you know are: Denny O’Neil, Bob Layton, Paul Kupperberg, Joe Sinnott, Roy Thomas, Frank McLaughlin, John Byrne and even Neal Adams.

That’s just scratching the surface.

Now their characters are a different entity of their own. “The Watchmen,” a critically acclaimed and hugely influential comic that was adopted into a movie in 2009, was based on Charlton Comics characters.

A year ago, we might have asked the same thing!

We knew of Charlton, but honestly, not much. Then we attended a panel about Charlton Comics, and we couldn’t believe that someone hadn’t told their story. You see, their tale doesn’t begin and end with the legends that worked there, or even the characters that went on superstar… err…superhero status.

The captivating story of Charlton starts with a prologue, and that’s the story of one of its co-founders, John Santangelo. We can’t give you spoilers, but in the age of TMZ and tabloids, Charlton fits right in. It’s positively scandalous!

Charlton was one of the unsung companies from my youth. I remember the groceries and hospital gift shops would have various odd and end issues for 35 cents a pop, and they were every bit as enjoyable as the stuff put out by the big two.

William B. West

William B. West

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