Atari To Re-Enter The Game Console Market

1970’s and 1980’s gaming console icon Atari is getting ready to re-enter the game console market.

Atari has launched a website at to keep gamers up to date on the upcoming console.

A teaser video of a new console has been becoming a viral sensation:

Venture Beat got a few details about the upcoming gaming system from Atari CEO Fred Chesnais. Chesnais told them he could confirm that Atari was back in the hardware business, and that the new console would be based off of PC technology.

While the teaser video circulated by Atari for the upcoming console shows glimpses of an updated wood grain console, that may not be what the final product looks like (boo!), as Chesnais tells Venture Beat that Atari is still working on the design and will reveal it at a later date.

Are you interested in a new Atari console? Comment below.

William B. West
William B. West

William B. West

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